Data Center Consulting

Data center consulting and planning services can help you implement and manage your data center environment. Whether you need help optimizing an existing IT infrastructure or implementing new technologies to meet your scaling demands, ASAPP can help you with a comprehensive strategy that drives real cost savings through carefully planned initiatives, or simply provide needed strategic consulting to help
you develop the right strategy, plan, or approach to solve a specific challenge. Our technology services team consists of certified and experienced engineers who will design and implement a solution that results in an optimized data center environment.

  Data Center Consulting & Planning Services

  Data Center Automation - Automate IT management, provision new infrastructures and manage change and compliance in your data center to dramatically improve cost efficiency and reduce risk.

  Data Center Cabling Services - The network cabling installation services team at ASAPP knows the importance your data center holds over the success of your entire business, and for more than 20 years.

  Platform Migrations and Conversions – ASAPP has a dedicated team to manage any migration or conversion. Whether a project calls for moving from one operating system/technology to another, or involves moving from one language base to a new generation realm, we will help you assess, design, plan, manage and implement.

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